Churches in Tamilnadu

Tamilnadu Churches

Tamilnadu is one of the first places to come in contact with Christianity in India. So there are many Churches in Tamilnadu. St Thomas, one of the Twelve Apostles, visited Madras in the 6th century CE. In 78 CE he was assassinated, and a church was constructed for him on the San Thome beach. Later, as Europeans came, Christianity spread all over Tamilnadu and many churches in Tamilnadu were erected. Today also there are many Churches in Tamil Nadu. It is not possible to give the list of all the churches in Tamilnadu. Have a look at some important Churches of Tamilnadu.

List of Churches in Tamil Nadu

  1. Velankanni Church
  2. San Thome Cathedral Basilica
  3. St Mary's Church Chennai
  1. Poondi Madha Basilica
  2. C.S.I. Holy Cross Church
  3. St. George's Cathedral
Famous Churches in Tamilnadu

1. Velankanni Church - Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health

Velankanni Church of Our Lady Basilica The Annai Velankanni Shrine, on the coast of the Bay of Bengal in southern India, owes great part of its notoriety to Our Lady of Health, also known as the "Lourdes of the East". The Church is a popular tourist destination for visitors who come to offer prayers or visit the beautiful Bessie beach.

Annai Velankanni strikes a deep chord of reverence amongst the devout of all religions in the south of India. The church is the replica of the Basilica of Our Lady of Health at Velankanni. People belonging to different faiths gather here to pray for the health and happiness of their loved ones as it is believed that one will get the same blessings in this shrine of Virgin Mary as he gets in Velankanni. Read more ...

2. San Thome Cathedral Basilica

San Thome Church San Thome derives its name from St Thomas, the apostle of Christ who came to Madras around 52 AD and was killed by some fanatic on St Thomas Mount in 78 AD and was interned on the San Thome beach. Many years later, another church was built and his mortal remains were transferred from the old church to the new one. Again in the year 1606, the church was rebuilt as a cathedral and it was made a basilica in 1896. The Basilica has many beautiful stained glass windows that portray the story of St Thomas whereas the central hall has 14 wooden plaques highlighting the last days of Jesus Christ. Another interesting thing in the cathedral is a 3ft. high statue of Virgin Mary, believed to have been brought from Portugal in 1543.

3. Poondi Madha Basilica

Poondi Madha Basilica Our Lady of Lourdes Basilica, Poondi, is a Catholic pilgrimage centre located in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, South India. Poondi is a small village located in Thiruvaiyaru Taluk (also spelled as Taluka), about 35 km away from Thanjavur. It is considered as one of the Roman Catholic pilgrim centres similar to Velankanni, which houses the famous Poondi Madha Shrine that attracts pilgrims from all over India.

4. St. George's Cathedral Church

St. George's Cathedral Church The St. George's Cathedral is a masterpiece of architecture. This church was built in the year 1815. The graveyard close to the St. George's Cathedral is one of the attractions of this church. Another object of tourist attraction of the church is that the guardrail of the Cathedral is constructed of war emblems. The muskets, bayonets and the like you can see there that were captured from Srirangapatnam (1799).

5. C.S.I. Holy Cross Church

C.S.I. Holy Cross Church The CSI Holy Cross Church is a one of the famous church in Tamilnadu, South India. The CSI Holy Cross Church is more than 120 years old and was originally called the Perambur Railway Church, as it was under the Railway authorities earlier. The congregation at the Church consisted predominantly of Anglo-Indians of the city though there are families from other states now.

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