Kanadukathan Chettinad Palace Tamilnadu India
Chettinad Palace Karaikudi

The Chettinad Palace was designed & constructed by Dr. Annamalai Chettiyar, founder of the Indian Bank and the Annamalai University. Most of the construction materials, decorative items and furnishings used to construct Chettinad Palace were imported from East Asian countries and Europe. All the mansions have lovely teak, marble or granite pillars supporting a spacious verandah. The hall leads to the central courtyard, used for weddings and religious ceremonies erstwhile.

Kanadukathan Chettinad Palace

Chettinad House Kanadukathan Chettinad Palace is an outstanding specimen of the Chettinad architecture. It is just 10 km from Karaikudi. Chettinad extended 25 km from the north to south and 15 km from west to east. The construction was started in 1902 and it took ten years for completion. It is huge extending over 40,000 square feet and rooms embellished with use of Burmese teak wood, Italian marble and English steel. It is a main shooting spot in Tamilnadu, hence a lot of Tamil, Telugu films are shot in this palace.

Architecture of the Chettinad Palace Tamilnadu

The basic style of architecture reflects traditional architectural style of Chettinad.

The woodwork and stonework was inspired that of the houses in France and other European destinations.

The verandah is just next to the iron-gate and was converted into the waiting area for the visitors. The flooring of the waiting area is done with white marble. The meeting hall is decorated with several pairs of tusks.

Kanadukathan Chettinad House The ceiling has artistic patterns in vegetable dye over roofing plates made of copper soldered with a special variety of aluminum. The walls are made 1.5 ft to 3 ft wide to keep the interiors cool without the use of any electronic equipment like the air conditioners.

The no cementing agent was used in the construction and the bricks are bound together with a paste of egg white, the extract of an unripe medicinal fruit found in the hills of Kadukkai and lime grind.

A pooja room in a corner of the courtyard is the place where Rani Seethai Achi, wife of Dr. Annamalai Chettiyar, spent most of her time. Rows of aruamanai or the iron blades are hung on shelves outside the kitchen, meant for cutting vegetables and grating coconut.

There is also a small dining room for private dinners with an extendable rosewood table. The room has photographs and paintings of the British days. This dining area has its own kitchen and a storeroom. The first floor comprises mainly of bedrooms and living rooms that are not open to outsiders.

Specialties of the Chettinad Palace

Chettinad Palace Specialities

Kanadukathan is mainly famous for big chettinad houses and chettinad foods. Calm Locality, Worth to see the Palace of Chettinad Raja and other prominent people's big bungalows (Chettinad houses) of course most of them are vacant or less occupied. Main entrances and main doors are carved nicely like temples. This place was earlier planned for a full fledged town, even they got small air strip, unfortunately the local business people didn't concentrate much on their home town.

Connect with Major Cities

Travel to Karaikudi By Air : The nearest airport is Trichy. Karaikudi is 82 km away from Trichy.
By Rail : The station is called Chettinad and is located on the Trichy - Rameshwaram line. The Chennai - Rameshwaram express (16701) and Rameshwaram - Chennai express (16702) halt in this station.
By Road : Located in Trichy - Rameshwaram National highways. 82 km from Trichy, 159 km from Rameshwaram, 287 km from Coimbatore and 405 km from Chennai.

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